Welcome to Our Apps Factory

Mobile is the new horizon of digital technology, interactivity and creativity and here at Avatarlabs, we like to ride the wave of new media. It’s entertaining, it’s fascinating and it’s wholeheartedly fun!

At the Avatarlabs App Factory, we create cool mobile and tablet apps like Rhinoball, Mad Men Cocktail Culture, Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Terminate Me, Zombieland and Poo Log.

The power of the mobile and tablet applications lies not necessarily in blockbuster downloads (although that’s nice, too) but in daily increments of engagement, high brand awareness and niche delivery of cool content.

We love our mobile devices as much as we love being entertained, and being entertained by our mobile devices is the ultimate amalgamation. At AvatarLabs, we want to create awesome, funny and fabulous mobile content for cool brands and for ourselves.

We look forward to the creation of many more mobile games and activities, mobile ads, and mobile sites.

Recent Case Studies in App Development

Case Study: Walt Disney’s “Bolt” and the “Totally Awesome” “Rhinoball” app: For Walt Disney Pictures’ animated family film, “Bolt,” Avatarlabs working with Disney wanted to create a fun iphone app perfect for parents and kids, as well as general audiences. In everything we do, we want to be more than a marketing vehicle. We want amazing design, innovative ideas and excellent execution to drive our engaging interactive experiences.

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